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Expatriation has become a common phenomenon in Indonesia. With a rising number of expats due to the country’s economic growth, it is important for them to have reliable insurance policies that cater to their specific needs. Expats must have a good understanding of their options and the specifics of each policy to ensure they have financial security in the event of an unforeseen incident. This article will outline the key aspects of expat insurance in Indonesia, and how expats can choose the right insurance policy to protect themselves and their families.

Why Expats Need Insurance in Indonesia

Indonesia offers a unique environment that, while immensely enjoyable, can also present a range of challenges and risks. Expats in Indonesia are likely to experience different medical issues than those in their home country, encounter new forms of natural disasters, and face other types of unforeseen events. Renowned as a country with relatively affordable healthcare services, the cost of emergency medical and hospital expenses can still quickly add up, leaving an expat with high expenses. This is where insurance policies come in, giving expats much-needed financial security in the event of an incident.

Understanding Expat Insurance in Indonesia

Insurance policies for expats in Indonesia come in different forms, tailored to covering specific areas of potential risk. We will describe the most common types of insurances below.

Healthcare Insurance

Medical expenses for expats in Indonesia can be quite expensive, even with the relatively low cost of healthcare in the country. Most expat healthcare insurance policies provide comprehensive coverage, which includes regular check-ups, vaccinations, maternity care, and surgery costs, among others. One important thing to remember is that the policies may have exclusions on pre-existing conditions, and it may be necessary to pay an additional premium to receive complete coverage.

Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance

This type of insurance covers the costs of repatriation back to the expat’s home country in case of a medical emergency. In such cases, transportation must be arranged to fly the expat back to their home country or medical center with better facilities. Repatriation can be very expensive; therefore, emergency medical evacuation insurance is critical for those who reside in Indonesia.

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance covers the financial implications of having an injury or disability resulting from an accident. It provides a lump sum payment following an accident, with the value of the payout depending on the severity of the injuries.

Property Insurance

Expats should always insure their property in Indonesia to protect themselves from potential burglary, theft, or natural disasters like floods and earthquakes. Property insurance policies usually cover furniture, electronics, personal belongings, and other valuables.

Travel Insurance

Many expats in Indonesia travel frequently for business or recreation. Travel insurance covers the expenses of any unforeseen events that could happen while they are traveling. It includes insurance for things like trip cancellation, flight cancellations or delays, and lost luggage.

How to Choose the Right Expatriate Insurance Policy

The following are essential factors to consider before choosing an expatriate insurance policy:

Policy Coverage

Expatriate insurance policies cover a range of potential risks, so it’s crucial to identify what you need, to avoid any gaps in coverage. Always remember to read the details provided by the policy provider before signing up to avoid any exclusions.

Premium and Deductibles

The premium is the amount paid for the insurance policy, and the higher the premium, the better the policy. However, it’s essential to consider the deductible or co-payment clause, which refers to the amount the policyholder must pay out of pocket before the insurance kicks in.

Claims Process

Before signing up with any insurance company, always research its claims process. How easy is it to file a claim? How long does the claim take to process? The answers to these queries can affect the experience of having insurance and can significantly impact the policyholder’s satisfaction.

Network Coverage

Some insurance providers work directly with hospitals and other healthcare institutions, and it’ll be more convenient for the expat to choose such providers for quick and less stressful claims.


Insurance is a must for expats residing in Indonesia. Coverage against various risks is necessary, but the choice and the type of policy coverage should be tailored to meet individual expats’ needs. It is vital to find an insurance policy that provides protection against unforeseen situations while being reasonable and affordable. The criteria mentioned above should help expats in Indonesia select the right insurance policy. With the right coverage, expats can stay focused on enjoying their stay in Indonesia without worrying about being caught in an unexpected situation.

FAQ about expat insurance indonesia

1. What is expat insurance in Indonesia?
Expat insurance in Indonesia is a type of health insurance designed specifically for foreigners living and working in Indonesia. It provides coverage for medical expenses, hospitalization, emergency evacuation, and other health-related incidents.

2. Who is eligible for expat insurance in Indonesia?
Anyone who is a foreigner and living in Indonesia for work, study, or any other purpose is eligible for expat insurance in Indonesia.

3. What are the benefits of expat insurance in Indonesia?
Expat insurance in Indonesia provides various benefits, including coverage for medical expenses, hospitalization, emergency evacuation, and repatriation in case of death. It also offers coverage for pre-existing conditions, maternity care, and dental care.

4. Is it mandatory to have expat insurance in Indonesia?
No, it is not mandatory to have expat insurance in Indonesia. However, it is highly recommended as it provides financial security and peace of mind in case of any medical emergency.

5. How much does expat insurance in Indonesia cost?
The cost of expat insurance in Indonesia varies depending on the coverage, age, and health condition of the individual. It is advisable to compare different insurance policies before selecting one.

6. What is the waiting period for expat insurance in Indonesia?
The waiting period for expat insurance in Indonesia varies between insurers. It ranges from 0-30 days for outpatient care and 30-90 days for major medical procedures and hospitalization.

7. Can I purchase expat insurance in Indonesia after arriving in the country?
Yes, it is possible to purchase expat insurance in Indonesia after arriving in the country. However, it is better to have insurance coverage before you arrive in Indonesia as you never know when an emergency may strike.

8. What documents are required to purchase expat insurance in Indonesia?
The documents required to purchase expat insurance in Indonesia may vary between insurers. Generally, you will need a copy of your passport, visa, and proof of income.

9. Can I renew my expat insurance policy in Indonesia?
Yes, you can renew your expat insurance policy in Indonesia. It is recommended to renew your policy before it expires to avoid any lapse in coverage.

10. How do I make a claim with my expat insurance in Indonesia?
To make a claim with your expat insurance in Indonesia, you need to contact your insurer and provide them with the necessary documentation. It is advisable to keep all relevant documents, such as medical reports and bills, as proof of your claim.

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