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FBD Car Insurance – Protect Your Vehicle and Wallet

Car insurance is an important part of owning a vehicle in Ireland. Without insurance, you are risking serious financial losses in case of an accident or theft. One of the biggest providers of car insurance in Ireland is FBD, which has been in operation for more than 50 years. If you are in the market for car insurance, read on to learn more about FBD’s offerings.

What Is FBD Car Insurance?

FBD is an Irish provider of car insurance that was established in 1969. The company has a long-standing history of providing its customers with comprehensive coverage options at competitive prices. FBD’s car insurance policies protect drivers from a wide range of risks, including theft, damage, and liability.

Coverage Options

FBD offers several different coverage options for its car insurance policies. The most basic level of coverage is third-party liability, which is the minimum required by law in Ireland. This covers damage to third-party vehicles or property that you may be liable for in an accident.

If you want more comprehensive coverage, FBD has several options to choose from. These include third-party, fire, and theft, and fully comprehensive coverage. Third-party, fire, and theft will cover damage to third-party vehicles or property, as well as your own vehicle in case of fire or theft. Fully comprehensive coverage includes all of the previous coverage options, plus coverage for accidental damage to your own vehicle.

Additional Benefits

In addition to its coverage options, FBD also offers several additional benefits. One of these is a 24-hour breakdown assistance service, which is available to all FBD policyholders. This service can help you out if your car breaks down, leaving you stranded on the side of the road. FBD also offers a free courtesy car while your car is being repaired, subject to availability.

Another benefit of FBD car insurance is the optional windscreen cover. This covers the cost of repairing or replacing your windscreen if it is damaged in an accident. Additionally, FBD also provides personal accident cover for the driver and passengers in case of injury or death due to an accident.

FBD Car Insurance Discounts

To help make their policies more affordable, FBD offers several different discounts. The first is a safe driver discount, which is available to drivers who have not had any accidents or claims in the past five years. Additionally, FBD offers discounts for low-mileage drivers, as well as for drivers who have completed an advanced driving course.

Another discount available through FBD is a multi-policy discount. If you have other insurance policies with FBD, such as home or life insurance, you can get a discount on your car insurance premiums. Finally, FBD offers a discount for policyholders who install an approved alarm and/or immobiliser on their vehicle.

How to Get a Quote

If you are interested in getting a quote for FBD car insurance, you can do so online or by phone. The online quote tool is quick and easy to use, and you can get a quote in just a few minutes. If you prefer to speak to someone directly, you can call FBD’s customer service team, who will be happy to provide you with a quote over the phone.

Final Thoughts

Overall, FBD car insurance is a great option for drivers in Ireland who are looking for comprehensive coverage at competitive prices. With a range of coverage options, additional benefits, discounts, and 24-hour breakdown assistance, you can rest assured that you and your vehicle are well protected. If you are interested in learning more about FBD’s car insurance policies, be sure to get in touch with them today.

FAQ about fbd car insurance

1. What is FBD car insurance?

FBD car insurance is an insurance policy that provides coverage for potential losses incurred from accidents involving your car. It provides financial protection for car owners from damages and accidents caused by them or a third party.

2. What does FBD car insurance cover?

FBD car insurance covers a range of incidents including damage to your vehicle due to a collision, theft, fire, or flood. It also covers legal expenses in case of a lawsuit and provides third-party liability cover for any damages or injuries caused to others in a car accident.

3. Who can avail of FBD car insurance?

Anyone who owns a car in Ireland can avail of FBD car insurance. The insurance is available for all types of cars, including commercial and private vehicles.

4. How do I buy FBD car insurance?

To buy FBD car insurance, you can visit their website or call their customer service helpline. You will be required to provide details about your car, driving history, and personal details to receive a quote.

5. How do I renew my FBD car insurance policy?

To renew your FBD car insurance policy, you can either visit their website or call their customer service helpline. You will be required to provide your policy number and personal details to renew the policy.

6. What are the benefits of FBD car insurance?

The benefits of FBD car insurance include a range of cover options, a 24/7 claims service, and a customer-friendly approach. They also offer discounts on certain policies and flexible payment options.

7. How do I make a claim with FBD car insurance?

To make a claim with FBD car insurance, you can contact their 24/7 claims service by phone or email. You will be required to provide details of the incident, including the date, time, location, and any witnesses.

8. Will FBD car insurance cover damage caused by my negligence?

FBD car insurance does not cover damage caused by your negligence to the vehicle. It will only cover damage caused by third parties or if you have taken out an additional policy to cover accidental damage.

9. What type of cover does FBD car insurance offer?

FBD car insurance offers three types of cover, including third-party cover, third-party fire and theft cover, and comprehensive cover. The type of cover you choose will depend on your needs and budget.

10. What is the excess amount for FBD car insurance?

The excess amount for FBD car insurance is the amount you will have to pay towards the repairs or replacement of your vehicle in the event of a claim. The excess amount varies depending on your policy and your driving history. It is generally higher for younger drivers and those with a poor driving record.

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